24 March 2022

Auping emphasises importance of mental rest in new brand campaign

On 28 March, our new brand campaign 'Ode to your mind' will be launched. With this campaign, we celebrate all the beauty that a well-rested mind brings, from good moods and creative inspiration to being able to console and provide a listening ear. With this campaign, we want to emphasize the importance of mental rest. The multimedia campaign, which literally shows the effects of mental rest on people and their environments, appears on TV, online, on social media and in print.

The importance of mental rest
Auping brings rest to the world on a variety of levels. Our beds and mattresses, of course, take care of physical rest. And for years we have been working to create a well-rested world where nothing is wasted - including through the production of circular mattresses. And, from now on, we will also be focusing on the importance of mental rest. Sleeping well makes you more creative, friendly and relaxed, to name just a few.

Console and seduce
The new brand campaign shows us what a well-rested mind does to you and all of the beautiful things that come with it. In the video, the viewer sees the backs of different people’ minds - in different situations - and from that perspective it becomes clear how a well-rested mind listens, comforts, seduces, inspires and connects. As a viewer, you feel the love and warmth that these characters feel.

Ine Stultjens, Head of Marketing & Communication at Auping: "At Auping, we make the world more beautiful by bringing rest. A well-rested mind is extremely important - a good night's sleep improves your mood and brings people closer together. A calm, rested mind is wonderful and ensures that you have that little bit of extra love to give. So, sleep is not only something you do for yourself, but also for each other. That is why we are now making mental rest top-of-mind."

Unique sounds
The new Auping sound, which from now on can be heard in all radio commercials and videos, can be heard in the film. The tracks have been carefully composed, in line with the rest that Auping aims to bring. These sounds are also very unique, since some of them, such as the sound of the sewing machines in the workshop, come from the Auping factory in Deventer.

‘Ode to Your Mind' was developed in cooperation with advertising agency Buutvrij, production company Cake Film & Photography and Jouke Bos Photography. Tambr is responsible for the sonic branding.