Royal Auping expands dealer network to Sweden

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Royal Auping expands dealer network to Sweden
Royal Auping expands dealer network to Sweden

Partnership with Sängjätten

Royal Auping has been selling premium designer beds in Denmark for over 30 years. After the launch of a new sales and marketing strategy in 2018 and the strong growth of recent years, Auping is now expanding to Sweden. The company therefore entered into a partnership with the Swedish retail chain Sängjätten in May 2021.

High demand for design and sustainability

Auping is always looking for suitable ways to expand its dealer network. The Deventer family business focuses on markets and local regions where consumers live who attach importance to their bedroom interior. Sweden is an interesting growth market in this respect. Interest in stylish design and sustainable products is growing rapidly northeast of the Danish border and the demand from Swedish consumers for Auping products is increasing. In this way, Royal Auping strengthens its presence in Scandinavia by expanding distribution channels in Sweden.

In bed with Sängjätten

Auping Scandinavia has entered into a partnership with the Swedish retail chain Sängjätten, whereby Auping products will initially be offered in 16 of the 20 stores and in the retailer's webshop. The 16 Sängjätten stores where Auping beds are sold have been chosen and are located in and around Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

We have had a desire to enter the Swedish market for quite some time and now the right is time to do it. With Sängjätten we have found a partner who is well situated in the Swedish market and can help us grow into one of the leading brands in the region. We are convinced that - together with Sängjätten - we can make it as successful as we have shown in Denmark for many years", says Kim Elmer Nielsen, Managing Director of Royal Auping Scandinavia.

A pioneer in the Swedish market

Thanks to Auping, Sängjätten can offer its Swedish customers a completely new concept of designer beds with ultimate comfort and fantastic quality. Swedish bedrooms have been dominated by large box springs for many years. Auping beds are slimmer and made of innovative, sustainable materials. By combining stylish frames, ventilating mesh bases with an open structure and mattresses with different zones, Auping is pioneering a completely new way of sleeping comfort for the Swedish market.

A pioneer in the Swedish market

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