The Product Passport with the Niaga® label

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Scan het Niaga® label en ontdek het Product passport
Scan het Niaga® label en ontdek het Product passport

The circular chain

Together with Niaga we developed the Product passport. This platform provides insight into the supply chain of Auping Evolve. In other words, all suppliers who supply materials for the production of the mattress are listed. They have signed an agreement in which they indicate exactly which materials come from where. So you can find all the information together in one place. 

Because we are committed to making our world a little less stressed and a little more rested, we think it is important that the production and recycling of mattresses is done as locally as possible. This is why all our partners and producers are located within Europe.

  • Yarn - Amann Group, Germany
  • Pocket springs - Agro Int. GMBH & Co KG., Germany
  • Border - TWE Meulebeke BVBA, Belgium
  • Comfort layer- Müller Textil, Slovakia
  • Sidewall mattress - Enkev BV, the Netherlands
  • Zipper - Coats Opti, Germany
  • Labels -EE Labelservice, the Netherlands
  • Felt underlayer - VeBe Floorcoverings, the Netherlands
  • Washing label - Juritex Kaatsheuvel B.V., the Netherlands
  • Ticking - Innofa BV, the Netherlands
  • Niaga®adhesive - DSM-Niaga, the Netherlands

In addition, in the Product passport you will also find information about the recycling of our circular mattrasses. After all, a mattress is only really circular if we actually receive this back for the reuse of materials in a new mattress.

Go to the Product passport of the Auping Evolve

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