Auping takes important step in circular transition

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Auping Evolve circulaire matras
Auping Evolve circulaire matras

Introductie duurzame premiummatrassen

This spring, Royal Auping is introducing sustainable premium mattresses. The company from Deventer is taking the next major step in making its entire mattress range completely circular. Auping is aiming for a fully circular product range by 2030 at the latest. Auping Evolve, the first fully circular mattress in the world, was launched in 2020. With the introduction of Elysium and Elite, Auping is now adding premium circular mattresses. The bed and mattress manufacturer offers an increasingly broad circular range, with mattresses that provide the right support for every body type and are tailored to the consumer’s personal preferences. A circular mattress range offers the solution to the huge waste problem caused by conventional foam mattresses. Due to the complex composition of glued materials, mattresses are one of the largest contributors to household landfill waste worldwide. About 1.5 million mattresses are discarded in the Netherlands alone every year. Auping’s circular mattresses contain no foam or glue and are easy to disassemble. They can be recycled again and again with high-quality results. All materials can be reused in a new, fresh mattress. With the introduction of premium mattresses Elysium and Elite, Auping is taking another major step in offering a fully circular range.

Auping Elysium
Auping Elysium is a 100% circular premium mattress. The mattress is made solely of steel and polyester; materials that can easily be reused. Furthermore, the mattress does not contain foam or latex, which means it ventilates well. Elysium is fire retardant and free of harmful substances. The innovative comfort layer (Harmony-pocs®) ensures good pressure distribution, air circulation and moisture regulation.

Auping Elite
The premium Auping Elite mattress is 80% circular and 20% recyclable. The mattress consists mainly of steel and polyester. Elite has a comfort layer made of 100% natural latex without artificial additives. The mattress also has an extra layer at the top with soft padding (Welcompadd®). Every body is different, and every person has a different preference when it comes to comfort. That’s why Auping offers various mattresses tailored to these different wishes and bodies, also within the circular range. Elysium and Elite, like Auping Evolve, are available in four different types of support.