Mattresses 180x200

Auping Elysium

Auping Elysium Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Wonderfully soft
  • Optimal ventilation
Auping Elite

Auping Elite Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Optimal ventilation

Auping Adagio Mattress

  • Soft, medium and firm (3 variants)
  • Wonderfully soft
  • 5 Comfort zones

Auping Inizio Mattress

  • Soft, medium and firm (3 variants)
  • Flexible and resilient
  • 3 Comfort zones

Mattresses 180x200

Are you looking for a nice wide mattress on which you have all the space, whether you are alone, with your partner or with the whole family on a Sunday morning in bed? Check out the 180x200 mattresses from Auping.

Buy a 180x200 mattress from Auping

A good mattress contributes to a good night's sleep. And since a mattress has a life of 8 to 10 years, it is important to choose a mattress that you will enjoy sleeping on for years. To determine which mattress is right for you, we listen carefully to your personal preferences, look at your sleeping posture and also take allergies or physical complaints into account. 

If you sleep with two people on the 180x200 mattress, you can choose to have a firmer or softer core in one half than in the other. In this way, you can still sleep together on a single mattress, but adjust each bed half to suit your sleeping preferences. If your partner likes a firmer feel, then you choose an 'extra firm' or 'firm' core. If you prefer a softer lying experience, you should choose a medium or soft core. 
You can also have an extra shoulder zone or hip zone added to a mattress 180x200. This is great if you have wider shoulders or hips, for example, to give those body parts extra support.

Auping mattresses are made of pocket springs. The length, thickness and shape of a pocket spring determine the degree of support. By incorporating different pocket springs in each section of the mattress, every inch of the mattress contributes to the proper support of your body. 

So an Auping mattress has a distinct head end and foot end. This means that you don't have to turn Auping mattresses. And that's a good thing with a large, 180x200 mattress.

Not sure what size mattress is right yet?

Which width is suitable depends mainly on what you like. Do you like it when you and your bed partner have all the space in the world at night? Then you quickly end up with a mattress 180x200 or a mattress 200x200. Do you sleep alone on a double mattress or do you just love to snuggle up together? Then you can also choose a mattress 140x200 or a mattress 160x200.
To determine which mattress length is right for you, we look at your height. A mattress 180x200 is suitable if the taller of you two is no taller than 180cm. We recommend that you choose a mattress that is at least 20 to 30 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. Do you need a longer mattress? At Auping you can also choose a mattress 210 cm or even 220 cm long.

180x200 mattress: 90 days of trial sleeping

We deliver your new 180x200 mattress free of charge to your home. You can let us take your old mattress away free of charge so that we can give it a second life. We use the comfort layer of old mattresses to make judo mats, carpet carpet pad or soundproofing, for example.  

At Auping, you can test sleep on your new 180x200 mattress for 90 days, so that you can be sure that it will sleep well. If you don't like the mattress, you can choose a firmer or softer core.