Mattresses 120x200

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Revive mattress

Auping Revive Mattress

  • Suitable for every sleeper
  • Good support
  • Firm comfort

Auping Inizio Mattress

  • Soft, medium and firm (3 variants)
  • Flexible and resilient
  • 3 Comfort zones

Auping Adagio Mattress

  • Soft, medium and firm (3 variants)
  • Wonderfully soft
  • 5 Comfort zones

Auping Evolve Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Flexible and resilient
Auping Elysium

Auping Elysium Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Wonderfully soft
  • Optimal ventilation
Auping Elite

Auping Elite Mattress

  • Bodytype (12 variants)
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Optimal ventilation

Buy a mattress 90x210 from Auping

Are you looking for a compact mattress that still provides you with plenty of space? Then a 120x200cm mattress is the ideal mattress for you. 

A good mattress is very important. It ensures that you rest at night and get up the next day feeling rested. In addition, a good mattress also helps prevent physical complaints such as back pain. But what is a good mattress for one person is not by default a good mattress for another.

We look at several factors to determine which 120x200 mattress is right for you. We look at your height and weight, personal preferences and any physical complaints or allergies. Visit one of the Auping stores for personal advice. 

120x200 mattress for your doubter

A 120x200 cm mattress has been a popular size for years, particularly among children, teenagers and young people. This mattress gives you just a bit more space than a standard single mattress, but is also compact enough for small bedrooms. 

A mattress lasts on average 8 to 10 years. Choosing a good mattress is therefore very important. Auping mattresses offer your body support where you need it. An Auping mattress is made per order, including your 120x200 mattress. This way, you choose the mattress that suits you and your body best. We also take a good look at your body. If you have wider shoulders or hips, we can build an extra shoulder or hip zone into the 120x200 mattress. 

Do you get hot easily at night? Or cold? Or are you allergic to certain materials? These are important questions to ask when buying a new mattress.  

Your Auping mattress will be delivered free to your home, right to your bedroom. You can also test sleep on your new 120x200 mattress for 90 days. Don't like the mattress? Then you can exchange your mattress for a softer or firmer version. 

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