Getting started with Auping Connect. We are happy to help!

Introducing: Auping Connect 
Congratulations on your new Auping Connect. All of Auping’s activities aim to offer you the ultimate sleeping comfort by continuously developing and improving products that put sleep and its important role centre stage. Improve your sleep using the smart technology in Auping Connect. Adjust your bed easily into the right position using your smart phone or tablet.

What's in the package?

The Auping Connect hub, a quick user guide and the power adapter. The Auping Connect for your Auping Royal bed also comes with two blue cables. It is important to use those two cables for the installation of Auping Connect, others might not work and might damage Auping Connect.

What else do you need?

Wifi:  You need a good working Wifi connection in your bed room. Auping Connect functions at 2.4Ghz. If you have a dual-band router which also features a 5G network, please select the 2.4Ghz network during installation.

Mobile device:  You need a smart phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system. We offer support for iOS 9.1 and higher. And for Android 5 (lollipop) and higher.

Auping adjustable mesh base 
Auping Connect works with all electronical adjustable Auping mesh bases that have been produced later then 2014, including the Royal mesh bases. For box springs: all Criade boxsprings that are produced later than 2014 and the new Original and Kiruna boxspring from 2017 and later. An easy check: the above mentioned mesh bases have a black remote. (the older ones that do not work with Auping Connect have a grey remote).

Getting started.

In 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Connect the power cable to Auping Connect and plug in the power adapter. 
Do you have an Auping Royal bed? Connect the supplied blue cable to the control box under your bed. Connect this to port 1 (left base) and port 2 (right base). Ensure the adjustable mesh bases are connected to the power grid and that they work with the remote control as well.

Step 2: Download te Auping Connect app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step 3: Ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same Wifi network as Auping Connect. Open the app and follow the instructions in the app.

Can Auping Connect be used at multiple devices?

The Auping Connect app can easily be installed at multiple devices. Just download the app at another smart phone or tablet. Make sure this device is connected to the same Wifi network as Auping Connect. 
Open the app. The app will find the installed Auping Connect and ask for an authorization code. The person who has first installed Auping Connect can find this code at: settings --> Share. Fill in this code and Auping Connect is ready to use.

Get to know Auping Connect

Auping Connect is easy to use. After you have installed the app and the hub it is important that your mobile device is connected to the Wifi network. When you open the app you enter the bed control screen. 

Bed Control
At ‘settings’ you’ll find information about the app, you can set your languages and if necessary re-set and re-configure your Auping Connect. 
At the statusbar you can check at what time you have set your alarm and for which bed base. 
Control the separte motors with the arrows in the upper part of your screen to adjust your bed. Use ‘all up’ or ‘all down’ to quickly adjust all bed bases up or down. 
Use the bed icons at the bottom of your screen to switch between the left and right part of your bed or to control both bed bases. 
Navigate to the alarm in the bottom menu to select the alarm icon. 

Setting the alarm is easy by dragging the blue button and select ‘set alarm’.
If you want to wake up with a subtle movement of the head section select which bed base you want to raise. 
By clicking the alarm icon you enter the settings menu and you can opt for an alarm with movement or sound, which alarm sound you want to use and whether you want to have a snooze option. 

Note: the sound of your mobile device must be switched on if you want to wake up with an alarm sound.

Auping Connect updates

We advise you to update Auping Connect regularly for the best performance. 
The app indicates when a new update is available. For a smooth update ensure that you are near Auping Connect and connected to the right Wifi network. Then follow the steps in the app. Usually the update takes 5 – 10 minutes. If it takes much longer, restart the app and try again. 


Need help? Check our frequently asked questions
Need more help? Contact our service desk at:  0031 - 570 681 820

8 tips for optimising the Wifi signal in your home

1. Move the router

The first tip is easy: place your wireless router in a different location. The best place for a Wifi router is in the middle of the room that you want to cover. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. It’s also better not to hang the router in a meter box or hide it under a desk.

Do you have cable internet? Then you can choose to move the modem and the router to a different connection point. Can’t move the modem? Then you could use a longer cable between the modem and the router. It’s best to keep this as short as possible.

2. Use only 1 wireless standard

All the various wireless standards (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac) are ‘backwards compatible’ with each other. It’s better to choose one wireless standard rather than setting your router to ‘mixed’. The latest standard offers the highest speed.

Will you be using the latest standard? Then your computer or laptop also needs a Wifi adapter that supports the highest speed. This can easily be replaced by using a Wifi USB adapter. You cannot change the Wi-Fi adapter on your smartphone or tablet. Will you be purchasing a new router? Then you can choose to leave your old router in place for the older standards.

For example, you save your old G router for devices that only support 802.11g. Turn off DHCP and connect your new router. Your new router should only be set to 802.11ac or 802.11n. Ensure that the channels of both routers are as far apart as possible (e.g. 1 and 11). Your old devices will connect to the old router and your new 802.11n or 802.11ac devices will automatically connect to your new router.

3. Use WPA2 security

For high speeds with N or AC routers, you must use WPA2 with AES security. WPA or WEP with TKIP security result in extreme bandwidth loss. Wireless routers are often set to mixed WPA/WPA2 by default. Make sure that your router is only set to WPA2. For home use, you can choose WPA2 personal (a radius server is required for enterprise).

4. Change your wireless channel

You can often improve your Wi-Fi by using a different channel. You can choose from channels 1 through 13. Many wireless routers are set to channel 6 by default. Try to avoid this because it is very likely that several neighbours are also using this channel. Would you like to see which channels are crowded? Use the free program inSSIDer and choose the least crowded channel. You shouldn’t have much interference on 5 GHz because it’s used infrequently and the range is much smaller. But even in this case, it might be better to choose a different channel.

5. Change the channel width

The high speeds of N and AC routers are only achieved on channels that are 40 MHz wide. Routers are often set at 20 MHz by default. Choose 20/40 MHz, also indicated as ‘automatic’ or ‘mixed’.

6. Upgrade your router

Make sure that your router is using the latest firmware. Your router does not have the latest standard? Consider purchasing a new N or AC router. Take into account that there are different types; the cheaper models often only work on 2.4 GHz or don’t support 2.4 and 5 GHz simultaneously. The highest speeds are achieved under simultaneous dual band.

7. Upgrade your WiFi adapter

Make sure that you have installed the latest drivers. Your Wifi receiver doesn’t support the latest standard and you purchased a new router? Make sure that your Wifi adapter can achieve these high speeds. There are laptops on the market with N adapters that can only achieve 150 Mbps while the simultaneous dual-band N routers can achieve 450 Mbps.

8. Wifi repeaters

An alternative is the use of a Wifi repeater. Wifi repeaters pick up the wireless signal and repeat it. This is the easiest way to improve a Wi-Fi signal. View a wide range of Wifi repeaters here.