Tone Pure white

Tone Pure white

This shown combination consists of:
  • Mattress: Tone mattress
  • Topper: Tone-topper
  • Mesh base: Flat
  • Width box spring: 160 cm
  • Length box spring: 200 cm
  • Colour box spring: Pure white
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  • icon_sustainabilitySustainably made in deventer

Why choose this Tone box spring

Auping Tone is a slim and contemporary box spring. Due to its shape, the Tone box spring fits perfectly into the trend of slim beds.
This 2-person upholstered variation in Pure white with flat bed base, mattress, top mattress and Tone headboard in Grid / Natural is a real design object in your bedroom.

The Auping Tone box spring is known for its slim and diverse appearance: you can choose from no less than 22 different options. This way you really make it your own unique box spring.

The displayed combination consists of

11-Tone boxspring
12-Tone boxspring
11-Tone boxspring

The Tone box spring

Auping Tone is a slim and contemporary box spring. The accumulation of colour tones in combination with the low box give Auping Tone a slim look. The box spring is supported by a strong steel frame with round legs. The comfortable 5-zone mattress and the luxurious topper provide perfect ventilation and support during dreaming. Want to know more about the Tone box spring? Check out the Tone box spring lookbook.  

Tone box spring lookbook


Box spring
Original / Tone / Criade / Kiruna
Width box spring (in cm)
160 / 180
Length box spring (in cm)
200 / 210
Height box spring
33 cm / 33 cm + 20 cm (mattress) + 8 cm (top mattress)
Sleep Surfaces
1 surface / 2 surfaces
Mesh base left
Mesh base right
Tone / Inizio / Adagio / Evolve / Elysium / Elite
Number of mattresses
1 single mattress / 1 double mattress / 2 single mattresses
Firmness mattress left
Soft / Medium / Firm
Firmness mattress right
Soft / Medium / Firm
Top mattress
Colour bedframe
Pure white / +4 colours available
Tone / None
Fabric headboard
Grid / Natural / +21 colours available
None / Pixel nightstand / Hocker

Accessories for your Tone box spring 

Complete your Auping Tone box spring with beautiful, matching accessories.

To make the Tone box spring your dream bed, you can add or adjust accessories in the configurator. You can expand the bed with a Tone headboard, pixel, bedside tables or a hocker. 

Choose the mattress that suits you

The Tone box spring comes standard with a Tone box spring mattress and Tone top mattress. Of course, the Tone box spring can be combined with all our mattresses. You choose the mattress in the configurator.

More Auping box springs

Our collection consists of 5 beds and 4 box springs that you can put together completely according to your wishes. Choose your own colours, materials and accessories. In total, there are 2.8 billion possibilities in our online configurator. Looking for inspiration for your own bedroom or do you want to know more about our box springs? Then take a look at the online lookbooks.

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Designed for you

Fully configurableConfigure
Tone Deep black
  • Flat bed base
  • Upholstered headboard
  • Matching accessoires available
Fully configurableConfigure
Tone Cool grey
  • Flat bed base
  • Upholstered headboard
  • Matching accessoires available