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As a box spring is meant to be

The Original box spring has a timeless design with great attention to detail and a high-quality finish. The legs of the Original box spring are placed in such a way that it seems to float in your bedroom. Thanks to the choice of different headboards and numerous fabrics, you can completely adjust the Original box spring to your wishes, right down to the legs. The interplay of the strong mesh base, pocket springs and mattress provides perfect support and ventilation so that you sleep wonderfully. 

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Original boxspring Mute
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Colours and material

Fabric groups 

For the Original box spring you can choose from 95 different fabrics. In our stores you can see, feel and give you advice on which one fits best on the box spring of your choice. There are five fabric groups: 

  • Fabric group A: These are basic fabrics in uni colours with subtle structures. All three fabrics, Grid, Peach and Salt are made of polyester
  • Substance group B are substances with special structures. The fabrics Points, Maze and Dew all have a high cuddliness content
  • In fabric group C you will find two warm, rich and graphic fabrics: Facet and Reflect
  • Fabric group D consists of 3 premium woolen fabrics, all three from the Danish fabric manufacturer Kvadrat: Clara, Remix and Re-wool
  • Fabric group E contains three luxurious and exclusive fabrics. The knitted fabrics Plecto  and Sprinkles and the fabric Jaali are beautiful to combine with the other fabrics from the Auping range and give a soothing feeling of luxury in the bedroom  

Mainboards and footboards 

All Auping headboards and footboards are hand-upholstered in our sewing workshop in Deventer. The main and footboards are upholstered all around and beautifully finished. We do the upholstery by hand so that the fabric fits perfectly. 

For the Original box spring there are eight headboards and one footboard:

  • Dublin: contemporary and sleek headboard with decorative stitching in the middle 
  • Mute: a quiet headboard with cords all around 
  • Wink: a stubborn headboard with a wink 
  • Nice: robust and tough headboard 
  • Bold: a sturdy and sturdy headboard to hang against 
  • Portofino: high, classic and finished with bombed, round buttons 
  • Line: a soft, rectangular headboard with vertically quilted lines 
  • Valencia: soft and looser upholstered headboard. The stitching in even compartments creates a graphic effect 
  • Siena: the footboard of the Original box spring, in a straight and timeless design. You can combine this footboard with all headboards. 

Wake up well-rested

On the lower part of a box spring, the box, is a box spring mattress. These matching mattresses are supplied as standard with our box springs.  On top of that comes a mattress topper. In the store you will receive advice on which box spring mattress best supports your body. All Auping box spring mattresses have been developed with care and ensure a good night's sleep.

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Discover the Original

Original boxspring

Designed with love

The Original box spring is a richly filled box spring: the box contains a mesh base and pocket springs. The Auping mesh base is 80% open and therefore very ventilating. This way you never sleep too hot or too cold. The pocket springs in both the box spring and the mattress ensure that you can easily turn at night and have good support during your sleep. The Original Box spring is also available in a divisible variant: a complete 2-person box spring, of which you can easily slide both parts apart and towards each other because we provide the legs with wheels. This way, good sleep also becomes useful sleep 

Original boxspringOriginal boxspring

The interplay of the strong mesh base, pocket springs and mattress provides perfect support and ventilation.

Auping Design Studio - Designer Auping Original
Original boxspring

Design the Original of your dreams

In our online configurator you can put together your Original completely according to your wishes. Choose the colour of your bed frame, the headboard, the legs, the bedside tables and the size that fits your bedroom. Prefer some help with designing your box spring? Then make a store appointment. Our sleep experts are happy to help you put together the box spring of your dreams.

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