Buy a good box spring at Auping. The luxurious Auping box springs consist of two or three layers: 

An upholstered box: the base, containing pocket springs for good support and a mesh base for good ventilation.
A box spring mattress with pocket springs: this is an upholstered mattress, for optimal support while you sleep. You can also put a white mattress on top of the box. 
A topper: a thin top mattress that determines comfort. If you choose a box spring mattress, you put a topper on top of the mattress. This determines the comfort feeling. For example, do you like to sink in a little deeper or do you prefer to lie a little firmer?

The upholstered layers make a box spring bed look nice and soft and comfortable. Because of the double layer of pocket springs (in both the box spring mattress and the box), a box spring often feels a little softer than a normal bed.

difference between a box spring and bed

What is the difference between a boxspring and a bed?

Of course we all sleep, but what exactly is the difference between a bed and a box spring? 

A 'normal' bed consists of a bed frame, bed base and mattress. A box spring has two or three layers: a bed base, mattress and optionally a top mattress if you choose a box spring mattress. 

Another difference between a box spring and bed is the appearance. A box spring is also called a 'hotel bed'. This is because most hotels have box springs in the hotel rooms that provide a chic, comfortable and inviting look. Box springs are usually made of fabric or leather, while beds are often made of wood or metal. So in terms of material and appearance in the bedroom, there is a difference between the two. So the choice between a bed and a box spring is mainly down to what you personally like.

Single or double box spring

Our box springs are made in all common lengths and widths. The most common sizes are: box spring 120x200, box spring 140x200, box spring 160x200 and box spring 180x200. Besides double box springs, Auping also offers a choice of single box springs in various sizes.

A single box spring is available in widths of 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm. The double box springs have a length of 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm or 180 cm. All box springs have a length measurement of 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm. 

The Original box spring and Kiruna box spring are also available in a divisible version: a complete double box spring of which both parts can easily be moved apart and towards each other because the legs have castors. This makes it a lot easier to make your bed and keep your bedroom clean.

What are the advantages of an Auping box spring?

How does an Auping box spring differ from other brands and why should you buy an Auping box spring? Our box springs all have a mesh base. This bed base ensures the best ventilation, so you sleep better and your mattress lasts longer. You can choose a box spring with headboard or a box spring without a headboard. The headboards of the box springs with headboard are upholstered all around, so they look nice from all sides. So you can also put your box spring in the middle of the room.

both white mattresses and box spring mattresses and top mattresses do not need to be turned. A box spring mattress is asymmetrical and constructed layer by layer. The felt base at the bottom provides stability and good ventilation and the comfort layer at the top ensures you lie comfortably. If you opt for a box spring mattress, you can fasten the top mattress together with buttons and loops. That way, they can't shift separately.

Auping box springs are made of high-quality and durable materials, so your box spring will last extra long.

All our box springs can be put together according to your wishes. You can choose from different headboards, mattresses and dozens of different fabrics. Would you like to be able to adjust the bed base of your box spring? Then choose the electrically adjustable box spring from Auping. This box spring has a 'Smart' bed base that is equipped with an anti-snoring function and smart alarm clock. Depending on the motor, you can adjust the bed base to one, two or even three different zones.

In short, do you want to buy a high-quality box spring that you can put together yourself as you wish? Then choose Auping.

Custom made box springs in our factory in Deventer

All our Auping box springs are made in our sustainable factory in Deventer. We only start as soon as your order arrives, so you always get a bed that is made for you, not one that has been in stock for a long time.

We start with the mesh base, which we weave from large rolls of iron wire. That weave is so strong it will last a lifetime. We cut the fabric you have chosen for your box spring to size and in our sewing workshop in Deventer we upholster the mattresses, the box and the headboard by hand. Once we have also put together the cores of the mattress and box, we put everything together and deliver it to the Auping shop.

The Auping shop then delivers the box spring to your home and assembles it neatly in your bedroom.

Frequently asked questions about our box springs:

1. How do you assemble a box spring?

You don't have to worry about the assembly of an Auping box spring. We deliver the box spring to your home free of charge and assemble it in your bedroom.

2. Which mattress do you need for a box spring?

For an Auping box spring, you can choose a white mattress or a box spring mattress. You place the mattress on the box; the upholstered base of a box spring. The choice between a white mattress or a box spring mattress for your box spring mainly depends on what you like. A box spring mattress can be upholstered in a fabric and colour of your choice, e.g. the same fabric as the box. If you choose a box spring mattress, you always combine it with a top mattress. If you opt for a white mattress, there is no need for a top mattress.

3. Can any mattress fit on a box spring?

Yes, all Auping mattresses are suitable for all box springs, whether you choose a white mattress or a box spring mattress. Of course, it is important that your mattress is the same size as the box spring.

4. How long does a box spring last?

In principle, the bed base of a box spring lasts a lifetime. The frame of the box springs also lasts for years. Your mattress or box spring mattress needs replacing first. It lasts 8 to 10 years on average.