Morning bliss Duvet cover

Morning bliss Duvet cover


Morning bliss duvet cover

A geometric blue grid on a beige-red background. Or turn the duvet cover over for the beige-red grid on a midnight blue background. This duvet cover is made of 100% organic cotton satin en feels wonderfully soft and smooth.

Morning bliss
Morning bliss
Morning bliss

Auping duvet covers

Tuck-in flap 
All Auping duvet covers have an extra-long tuck-in flap across the entire width and on both sides. This allows you to tuck the duvet cover under your mattress. Cold feet will become a thing of the past. You can recognize the extra-long tuck-in flap by the length of the duvet cover: 200/220. 

Pillow case with double-sided hotel closure 
The Morning bliss pillowcases have a double-sided envelope closure. An envelope closure is a folded opening on the shortest side of the pillowcase. With a double-sided envelope closure, it doesn’t matter which side of your pillow you use; it will always look neat. 

Button down 
The Auping duvet covers and duvets feature the button down system. These are handy buttons and loops to secure the duvet and cover together so that it doesn’t shift. Auping duvet covers have loops on the inside, and our duvets have buttons in the same place. The loops in the duvet cover can be wrapped around these buttons so that the duvet cannot shift inside the cover. And these buttons and loops make it even easier to make your bed.  

Sustainable sleep 
At Auping, we dream of a well-rested world, one in which we sleep under wonderful bedding produced in an eco-friendly way and under good working conditions. This is why all of our duvet covers carry the internationally recognized GOTS label. This is the strictest international standard for organic textiles. It is a guarantee of top quality and assures us that the entire chain meets rigorous social and environmental requirements. 

Product specifications

100% organic cotton satin
Wash with similar colors at 40 or 60 degrees
Gots, Oeko-tex