Electrical adjustable bed bases

Grant yourself the luxury of an electrically adjustable bed base. With over 10,000 support points and adjustable parts, you'll wake up well-rested each morning. In addition, Auping's electrically adjustable bed bases are equipped with all kinds of smart features that make sure you'll sleep even better. 

Why buy an electrically adjustable bed base?

With an electrically adjustable bed base, you can adjust your bed or box spring with the push of a button. Reading with the head-end up, resting your legs by putting elevating the foot end or giving your lower back extra support: it's possible with an electrically adjustable bed or electrically adjustable box spring, made with love by Auping.

Auping electrical bed bases are suitable for all Auping box springs and beds. For a double bed or double box spring, you will always need two bed bases. Do you opt for a double bed with electrically adjustable bed bases? In that case we advise you to place a split topper on the mattresses so that you can adjust both bed bases individually. Do you want to read a bit more in bed while your partner sleeps? You can simply raise the head section without moving the top mattress.

Our electrical bed bases are mesh bases made from braided steel, a superior alternative to an electrically adjustable slatted bed base. An Auping mesh base ventilates well because of its open structure. As a result, your mattress remains clean and lasts extra long. All Auping bed bases, including the electrically adjustable bed bases, come with a 5-year full-warranty and no less than 35 years' warranty on wire and frame breakage.

At Auping, you can choose an electrical bed base that is either equipped with one, two or three motors:

  • The Smart base 1M has a back section that can be electrically adjusted. The foot section can be adjusted by hand.
  • The Smart base 2M is electrically adjustable at both the foot end and the back section.
  • The electrically adjustable bed base that offers the most comfort is the Smart base 3M from Auping. Both the back section, foot section and head section can be adjusted electrically. In addition, the Smart bases 2M and 3M feature a knee bend in the seating area, which provides extra support for the lower back when, which is ideal for reading while sitting in bed.

All Auping electrical bed bases feature smart functionalities such as an anti-snoring function. Utilize the anti-snoring function by easily via the Auping Connect App. By connecting the app to your bed base, the bed base either gives a light shake or elevates the head end slightly when your partner or yourself start snoring. 

Do you prefer a flat mesh base or manually adjustable mesh base? We also have those for you at Auping.