An Auping Evolve for every body

This is Auping Evolve, the world's first fully circular mattress. Made with love, and attention to you and your body. That is why Auping Evolve is available in three types, each with a different zoning. Based on your body, you can choose the mattress with the type of support that suits you best. This ensures your spine will be in a good natural position, from your neck to your tailbone. That way, your body will be able to completely relex and recover during the night. Auping Evolve has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020

Which Auping Evolve mattress suits me best?
Five benefits of Auping Evolve
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Frequently asked questions

Which Auping Evolve mattress suits me best?


Auping Evolve I mattress

Are your shoulders, waist and hips approximately the same width? Then Auping Evolve I is most suitable for you. This mattress has evenly distributed zones.

Auping Evolve Y mattress

If your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips, you will sleep soundly on this Auping Evolve. In this mattress, the shoulder zone is positioned a bit deeper in the mattress than your hips.

Auping Evolve X mattress

If your shoulders and hips are wider than your waist, you will be most comfortable on this Auping Evolve X mattress. Both the shoulder and hip zones in this type are a bit softer. The waist zone, which is between the hip and shoulder zones, is a bit firmer, giving your waist the best support.

Better zoning

Auping Evolve is made of innovative materials and has a completely new design. Based on new insights, we re-examined the structure and zoning of the mattress. The support zones focus on the shoulders, waist and hips, ensuring your back stays in a nice natural position.  

The support zones of most mattresses are built up symmetrically from the center, at with each zone supporting a different body part; shoulders, waist and hips. At Auping Evolve, the mattress is constructed from the head end. This asymmetrical zoning means Auping Evolve will support your body even better, enabling your body to relax and recover while sleeping. A matching pillow is essential for getting the right support.

Five benefits of Auping Evolve

1. Best ventilating mattress in our range
The comfort layer of Auping Evolve is made of polyester with an open structure. No foam or latex are used in this top layer, so the mattress ventilates optimally. 
That makes sense when you consider that foam is often used as an insulation material.

2. Washable top
You can zip off the ticking, the top layer of the mattress and wash it at 60 °C. That is ideal if you suffer from dust-mite allergies or if you simply enjoy sleeping in a fresh bed.

3. Easy to change positions without waking up
Auping Evolve is made from just steel and polyester, so this circular mattress feels more flexible than other Auping mattresses. Evolve has a highly elastic 3D comfort layer, does not contain any glue and has no stitching in the ticking. Therefore, you will sink deeper into the mattress without feeling enclosed. The flexible comfort layer ensures that the pocket springs adapt well to your body. This enables you to change positions easily while you sleep without waking up.

4. Healthy sleeping
Mattresses are flammable and catch fire easily. That is the reason why chemical additives with a fire-retardant effect are added to foam mattresses. Polyester is a fire-retardant material in itself, so no need to add chemicals.

5. Know what you are sleeping on
We have registered the (origin of the) materials in a Circularity passport. By scanning the Niaga® tag on the side of Auping Evolve with your smartphone, you learn what your mattress is made of, where the raw materials come from and how the mattress will be recycled.

Good for your body and good for the world

About 35 million mattresses are discarderd and thrown away in Europe alone every year. Many mattresses end up in the incinerator or in landfill. With enormous environmental problems as a result. At Auping, we want to do things differently. Better. We want to eliminate waste and stop the incineration of used mattresses and the loss of all kinds of valuable raw materials. That is why we developed the first fully circular mattress in the world in collaboration with DSM-Niaga; Auping Evolve. The materials in this mattress can be recycled again and again to make new mattresses.

Auping Evolve has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2020

The jury of world’s most renowned design competition has honored Auping Evolve with the Red Dot design Award in the Product Design 2020 category. This Red Dot Award is given to Auping Evolve for the excellent design quality of this very first circular mattress in the world.

More about this award

Frequently asked questions

Auping Evolve is a new mattress made from other materials. We have though carefully about this, but we can imagine that there are questions about this mattress.
Below the answers to the frequently asked questions about our circular mattress. 

1. What exactly is Auping Evolve?

Auping Evolve is the world’s first fully circular mattress. Auping worked with DSM-Niaga to develop a mattress made from materials that can be reused time and again to create new mattresses. Auping Evolve is not only good for the environment, but it is also really good for a great night’s sleep.
Auping Evolve is available in three types. Based on your body type, you can choose an Evolve that provides just the right support.

2. So does this mean I'm sleeping on a second-hand mattress?

Not at all. We guarantee that you’re sleeping on a new mattress. For us, fully circular means that we can reuse the raw materials from each mattress in a high-quality way. By this we mean we reuse these raw materials to create new mattresses. All materials first undergo a process to finally form a new mattress. So, you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

3. Why are there only three zones instead of five zones?

Auping Evolve is made of new materials and has a completely new design. Based on new insights, we re-examined the structure and zoning. The upper body (head, shoulders, waist, hips) in particular needs the correct support. In addition, we know the difference in height between people is mainly due to the difference in the length of the legs. The placement of the zones in the Auping Evolve mattresses is based on this knowledge. The zones now focus on the shoulders, the waist and the hips. The three-zone mattress is therefore asymmetrically constructed, in contrast to mattresses that are constructed from the middle. Extra zones for the legs are no longer necessary.

4. Can Auping Evolve be placed on any bed base?

It certainly can. Our mattress is suited to any bed base, whether this is a slatted bed base, mesh base or a box spring. Want to get the most out of your Evolve mattress? Then choose a ventilating Auping mesh base. The 80% open structure of the Auping mesh base ensures that the mattress is well ventilated. Good ventilation ensures that your bed doesn’t become stiflingly hot and that your mattress stays in top condition longer. So, if you already have a bed, all you have to do is pick the right size.

5. What is the difference between the current mattresses and the circular mattresses from Auping?

At Auping, we aim to be fully circular by 2030. Our current mattress range cannot yet meet these ambitions. This means that we have to make changes to the range. Auping Evolve was designed taking new insights and materials into account. This is a circular mattress with improved zoning and optimal ventilation through the use of polyester. The introduction of Auping Evolve is the first step in the circular transition of the range.

6. Besides ergonomics, what is the difference between Cresto, Maestro en Vivo matras on the one hand and Auping Evolve on the other?

The difference is in the comfort experience. Auping Evolve is made from polyester and therefore feels flexible. You lie on the mattress and you can easily turn over. Cresto, Maestro and Vivo have a latex comfort layer. This material feels soft and gives a snug feeling.