Sustainable dreams

We dream of a sustainable world

The world is a wonderful place, but could use a little more love. More love, more consideration and more rest. After all, a well-rested world is a more beautiful world.

You already do what you can to lend a helping hand. You keep your showers short, separate your waste, go by bike from time to time and perhaps cut down on the meat. That’s great. Every effort, large and small, is worthwhile.

Of course, we also do all we can to give our planet more rest. For example, in the summer we store the heat released, in the ground beneath our green factory. This means that nobody needs to go searching for a warm jumper in the winter. And drinking water is only used for drinking. For example, did you know that we use rainwater to flush the toilet and to wash our hands? We really do recycle almost everything: from your old mattress to the sawdust that falls on the floor when making your new bed.

A sustainable world, that’s what we dream of. A world in which nothing is wasted and in which everything is recycled for the next generation. That is what we call circular. This is our way of working towards a world without any aste. Day after day we focus on making the world even more beautiful and we realise our dreams.

Allowing you to put your mind (and body) at rest when you go to bed.


Auping publishes CSR Report 2022

We are delighted to publish the Auping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2022. We provide an overview of the sustainable steps we took in 2022 and share our goals for the future.

In 2022, we provided rest to 76,000 people, reduced emissions by 29%, improved our circularity score, and received highly positive feedback from our employees at Auping, with an eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) of 35 points.

Auping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2022

In this CSR Report, we are even more specific than in previous years. We not only share insights about the past year but also communicate in detail about our goals for the future. This includes, for example, our ambition to have a fully circular product range by 2030, further reduce our energy consumption, and be an even better employer for our colleagues.

CSR Report 2022



Auping Elysium mattress wins Best Sustainable Product 2022

The Sustainable Living Awards were organised for the first time at the vt wonen&design fair held in Vijfhuizen from 4 to 9 October 2022. The judges declared our 100% circular Auping Elysium mattress the winner in the Best Sustainable Product 2022 category. This makes us very proud. Read more

Award Duurzame Product_1080


Our new generation of sustainable mattresses

We dream of a comfortably furnished world and commit ourselves to that goal every day. Helping people sleep well is paramount to us. Of course, we also wish the planet the rest it deserves. So, in Deventer, we make customised products with as little waste as possible.

In 2020, we launched the Auping Evolve. This was the world’s first ever 100% circular mattress. Today, we take another important step in our circular transition where we reuse all our materials for the next generation.

So, introducing Auping Elysium and Auping Elite means we offer increasingly more sustainable mattresses that have the right support for every body type. Because every person… and every body is different.

The world constantly changes.And we – and our mattresses – change with it. This is how we make our dreams come true. That’s how Auping rest the world.

Elsyium 1080


CSR Report 2021

On 23 September (SDG Action Day) we published our annual Auping Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. In this third edition, we provide insight into our ambitions, objectives and dreams in the field of sustainability, well-being and people's health. The report describes what we have achieved in 2021. A number of important milestones have again been accomplished. And that brings us closer to our important goal – a fully circular product range by 2030 at the latest. We will take you even more clearly into this this year in a transparent manner. Read the Auping CSR Report here.

Auping CSR Report


Auping recycle program duvets and pillows

Every year, tons of textiles worldwide still end up in the incinerator. This is not only bad for the environment, but also a waste of raw materials. That is why Auping started the Auping recycle program for duvets and pillows in collaboration with DuckyDons. When you buy a new duvet or pillow, you can return your old bed linen to us free of charge. Whatever brand or material your duvet or pillow is, we ensure the correct processing. Depending on the quality of the material, it is processed into fertilizers, for example, or reused for new pillows and duvets. Read more



Closing the loop

Wonderful news, we are truly closing the loop now. Because recently we succeeded in turning used Evolve mattress covers into a beautiful new Auping Evolve mattress ticking. In previous trials, we already managed to recycle Evolve fabric trimmings into raw materials, which we then used to make new yarns. We are thrilled that we now succeeded in knitting a mattress ticking from these new yarns. And with that we have made a fully new Auping Evolve of the same high quality. That is what we call circular.

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Auping achieves B Corp status

Since March 2020 we have been allowed to call ourselves a Certified Benefit Corporation, or B Corp. Companies with such a certificate - which is difficult to obtain - pursue the highest standards of social and ecological performance, responsibility and transparency.

"Achieving B Corp status was hard work, it demanded huge combined efforts for months. It is not just any certificate, the standards are high." - Morten Lund Petersen, Director Innovation and Sustainability

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Circular mattress available for consumers

In May 2020 we launched Auping Evolve, world's first fully circular mattress for consumers. This circular mattress is the solution for the enormous pile of mattress waste. Moreover, it is a soft mattress that provides support and good ventilation: all the ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

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The green factory, even greener

In July 2019, we made another dream come true: the roof of our factory in Deventer was fitted with solar panels, satisfying 30% of our entire electricity consumption.

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The world’s very first circular mattress

Did you know that 1.5 million mattresses end up on the Dutch rubbish dump every year? The pile is one thousand times the height of the Eiffel tower. That’s why we teamed up with Niaga® to create a circular mattress. This is a mattress made with decent and healthy materials, which can be infinitely recycled to make a new mattress.

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Our premium mattresses improved with Vita Talalay Origins®

Healthy living means eating well, getting enough exercise and taking the recommended dose of relaxation. At least as important is getting enough sleep. Or better yet: getting enough deep and healthy sleep. That requires a mattress that is good for you and good for the environment. That’s why our Maestro and Vivo mattresses have been improved with a unique comfort layer made of exclusive and natural Vita Talalay Origins®.

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Leavings cushions from our leftover material

We dream of a world in which nothing is wasted. That’s why our Auping factory in Deventer is designed to waste as little as possible. Yet we still end up with leftovers from the production process. However, it’s a sin to throw anything away! Therefore, in 2016, we designed a new cushion collection, made of leftover material. This cushion symbolises the efforts we put into our work every day towards achieving our sustainable dreams.  

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A ‘green factory’ in Deventer

At Auping, it is all about rest. Yes, we make beds and mattresses. However, what you may not know is that we also do our best to make the site where we make our beds and mattresses as sustainable as possible. That’s why we built a new factory in 2012 integrating all kinds of smart and sustainable solutions.  

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Extension to the fabric collection with Molly and Points

Auping has a collection of 13 different types of fabrics in different colours, which is used to upholster headboards, box springs, mattresses, poufs and decorative pillows. It is important to us that the fabrics in our collection match our sustainability vision. This is why we added two new variants to the collection in 2015.

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Auping Essential

The Essential is the world’s very first entirely recyclable bed. Made of decent, sustainable materials in our very own factory in Deventer. That’s why the Essential was the first bed to be awarded the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certificate. We have received a C2C Bronze certificate. This means that we meet strict requirements in terms of material safety and recyclability. Allowing you to put your mind (and body) at rest. 



Auping starts Take Back System

One thousand times the height of the Eiffel tower. That is about the height of the stack of old mattresses that ends up on the rubbish dump in the Netherlands every year. Quite unnecessary, when mattresses contain materials that are perfectly recyclable. That’s why Auping was the first in the Netherlands to launch the Take Back System; when delivering your new mattress, we also take away your old one. Even if it is not an Auping mattress.

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