Design Heritage

Auping desigh heritageAuping has been established with a strong sustainable and innovative design vision.
Johannes Auping his philosophy has shaped the company's culture ever since the first bed he invented. Its heritage comprises multiple design classics. 
This selection of design classics made a mark in the design heritage of Auping.

1890 - Hospital Bed No. 17

Hospital bed made by Auping
Johannes Auping

Hospital Bed No. 17

On behalf of the Amsterdam Burgerziekenhuis, Johannes Auping improves the first bed that he had designed for the St Geertruiden Gasthuis in Deventer: Hospital bed No. 17. It consists of removable wooden plates and steel. Both the wooden and steel parts can be delivered in different colors. It is the first bed with an Auping mesh base

1925 - Folding Bed Hollandia

Hollandia bed


Folding Bed Hollandia

Technical director Welschen designs Aupings first folding bed. With this bed-in-closet-combination you have enough space in your room during the day and at night you have a place to sleep. There is a huge demand for this solution in Holland at the time because people live in small houses. The folding bed is also available as mechanical edition with electromotor.

1930 - Auping Tube furniture

Tube furniture by Auping and Ben van Reijnsdorp

Ben van Reynsdorp

Auping Tube furniture

Inspired by the Bauhaus style, interior architect Ben van Reijnsdorp designed a collection tube furniture for Auping. Amongst which Fauteuil 5031. The collection tube furniture consisted of sofas, fauteuils, bar stools, garden chairs and desks. All produced in small series.

1940 - Base of steel

Auping mesh base


Auping’s mesh base of steel "Type streamline without rivets"

This mesh base without rivets was the first mesh base that was made in different colours. In the colours: gold, red, green and purple. It could be made in any desired dimension and because of it’s support legs it could easily be placed at a bed or a bedstead.

1953 - Cleopatra

Auping Cleopatra

Dirk Cordemeijer


Sofa bed Cleopatra breaks with the design of all previous beds. Auping gave A.R. (Dick) Cordemeijer the assignment to design ‘something beautiful’. In the fifties the interior of the bedroom changes, the elegant design of the Cleopatra fits perfectly. The Cleopatra is the first ‘industrial design’ bed, it is the first bed that is produced in series. The bed is made of steel with a wooden ornament. The Cleopatra is produced until 1982, that is a noteworthy long time and reflects its success. More than 700.000 Cleopatra beds are sold.


1954 - Ariëlle

1954 Ariëlle & Ariadne
Wim Rietveld


The Arielle follows shortly after the Cleopatra. The Arielle is again a sofa bed. It is a light and open model, made with a strong lattice construction. It is fully made of steel and therefor strong and it had a long lifespan.

1954 - Ariadne

Auping Ariadne
Friso Kramer



The Ariadne is the first bed that Friso Kramer designed for Auping. It is made of steel, its head- and footboard is made of wood with bended edges. It is very characteristic for the sixties. The Ariadne has slim and tapered legs.

1955 - Auping tables and chairs

Auping tables and chairs
Wim Rietveld

Auping tables and chairs

Fragile and transparent designed bed room furniture. It reflects Auping’s clear choice for the materials wood and steel, that combination is becoming Auping’s signature through the years. This bed room furniture is designed by Wim Rietveld (son of architect Gerrit Rietveld), he is a pioneer of the Dutch Industrial design and designer of furniture for straight forward interior.

1957 - Carroo

Auping carroo

Dirk Cordemeijer


The design of the Carroo is characterized by square tubes. The Carroo wins a Silver medal at the prestigious Furniture Expo in Brussel. Even though the Carroo wins this award, the former director of Auping, Willem Auping is not a fan of the design. He thinks tubes should be round, not square. The Carroo was the last design by Dick Cordemeijer for Auping.


1963 - Euroika Set

Euroika set
Friso Kramer

Euroika Set

A complete furniture set for the bed room, consisting of a bed, nightstand, table chairs and a mirror. At that time it was very progressive to align the entire bed room furniture. The furniture has the bended corners that are so characteristic for Auping.

1965 - Couchette

Auping Couchette

Friso Kramer


The Couchette, designed by Friso Kramer offers lots of possibilities. It is a multifunctional product. It is both a (day)bed and a couch in-one, with removable pillows and a integrated floating table. It has a geometric shape and the legs in the corner give the Couchette a clear and robust appearance.

1973 - Auronde

Auping Auronde
Frans de la Haye


The Auronde is made of beech wood with characteristic aluminum details and rounded legs. Frans de la Haye wanted to design a sustainable and modern bed. Not just a functional bed, but a decent piece of furniture in which one can read or watch television. It is the first bed in which luxury and comfort are brought together. That was a perfect fit in the seventies, at that time central heating came tot the bed room which changed the function of the bed room. The bright colors make the Auronde a piece of furniture that turns the bed room into a living room.

2012 - Essential

Auping Essential
Köhler & Wilms


The Essential is designed by the designer duo Köhler & Wilms from Berlin. Their goal was to design a beautiful, timeless and sustainable bed. Sustainable by using reusable materials and also by creating a timeless design.

2013 - Criade

Auping Criade


The Auping design team was looking for an answer to the traditional boxspring. They worked with the materials that are typical for Auping and with the characteristic horizontal lines. The horizontal lines are also visible at the earlier Auping beds such as the Cleopatra (1953) and the Ariadne (1954). The Criade is a refined box spring. It’s frame of steel gives the Criade its unique signature and optically carries the design.

2019 - Original

Auping Original


The Original is a minimalistic bed with strong lines and an elegant look. The Original is inspired by one of Auping's very first designs, the Cleopatra. The design originates from 2007 and as from 2019 it has three new head boards and it is available in 10 colours.

2020 - Noa

Auping Noa

Eva Harlou


Our latest bed Noa is a genuine Scandinavian design, boasting simple shapes, clever details and natural materials. Designed by Danish designer Eva Harlou