Auping is a B Corp

Auping ist B Corp
Auping ist B Corp

Auping is a B Corp

Auping brings rest to the world. We believe that a well-rested world is a better and more beautiful world.

Since March 2020 we are allowed to call ourselves a Certified B Corporation, or B Corp. Companies with such a certificate - which is difficult to obtain – pursue high standards of social and ecological performance, responsibility and transparency.

B Corps are companies who want to make a difference, to make impact. The B Corp status comes with an explicit responsibility. To keep the world a liveable, healthy and safe place for future generations.

What is a B Corp?

A Certified B Corp meets high standards for social and environmental performance. A B Corp is committed to a better world and ensures social and sustainable impact with its products.

With the B Corp status, a company shows that it can successfully combine commercial, social and sustainable goals. "Using business as a force for good".

Worldwide there are over 5.500 B corporations in more than 80 countries and 150 industries. Companies such as Tony Chocolonely, Dopper, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, MUD Jeans, Seepje, Fairphone, Innocent Drinks and Triodos Bank.

These are all sustainable companies who demonstrate that they make and a positive contribution to society. Thanks to the international B Corp network, B Corp organizations can inspire and help each other with their mission. So that together we can make an even bigger impact.

B Corp 2022

Our B Corp Score

To achieve B Corp status, companies pass a rigorous B impact assessment with an extensive evaluation of the company’s operations and business model impact, focusing on the environment, employees, customers, community and policy. To become certified you need a score of at least 80 points out of 200 points, then you meet the highest standards in terms of social and sustainable performance, responsibilities and transparency. An average company that takes the assessment scores about 50 points.

We scored 86 points and we are very proud of this first B Corp score. For comparison, the top 10% of all B Corp companies score 131 points.

As a B Corp, you complete this assessment every three years so that you can see the progress. These scores for environment, employees, customers, community and policy provide a good insight into which subjects you can improve further.

For example, we scored very well for environment. This is partly thanks to the nearly thirty sustainability measures that we took in our production location. Including over 2800 solar panels. We also have heat and cold storage, there is heat and cold exchange between buildings and we use floor heating. Residual heat is reused and there are heat pipes on the roof to heat water and toilets that flush with rainwater. All these measures are intended to be able to produce our products with respect for the climate.

A subject where we score slightly above average is "diversity and inclusivity". However, we do not want to score average on this, but we want to improve on this in the coming years. This topic is therefore high on the agenda, because we want to be even more of an organization where everyone is welcome.

Read our B impact report.

How do we contribute to a better world?

Auping wants to contribute to a better world. For us that means a world without waste. As a company we want to have a positive impact on the climate.

Since our founding in 1888, we have continued to develop breakthrough - handmade - products that have changed the world of sleep and rest. Sustainability, design and innovation central to everything we do.

The B Corp status is the perfect way for us to express how important our sustainable mission is.